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Elements of effective PR programs

Positioning and messaging Strategic, well crafted positioning is the foundation. Working with you, we distinguish you clearly and compellingly within a dynamic market and culture. Great PR doesn't just support the central brand message but extends beyond it to broaden your relevance and craft story hooks that intrigue all your key audiences. Noble Consulting creates and continually refines a message house that's interesting, in step with reality and catalytic to your goals.

Strategic planning Listening to your business vision, points of passion and unseen stories, we make your goals our own. We understand the gating factors limiting your growth, and aim to open the gates. Researching opportunities and challenges, envisioning success and the complex paths to it, our work crystallizes into your plan.

Media and analyst relations Why should they care? A good story has context, friction, spice, a narrative and numbers. We know how to tell it and sell it to the right people. Our history proves our skill at presenting a relevant story idea or news item, along with a compelling and creative argument to support it.

Press releases, press materials and writing News releases used to go solely to journalists. Today they have a presence of their own. Posted in whole or part across the Internet, they are directly accessible to your audiences. More than ever, the press release must tell an interesting, accurate, complete and appealing story. Noble Consulting will not only write the PR for you, but we will distribute it via BusinessWire or PRNewswire and provide reporting back to you.

Executive visibility The messenger matters as much as the message. We expertly coach our client executives in presentation style and interview strategy. We secure smart and relevant opportunities for delivery, such as: speaking engagements and participation on panels at industry events, bylined articles, the corporate blog and media.

Design the database Once the requirements are known and the use cases defined, the database design consultant can begin the actual process of building the database model. This process often involves a database architect assembling all of the required data elements and then defining database tables based upon database normalization rules. Additional design elements include the analysis of appropriate key structures and identification of stored procedures and triggers required for optimal database performance and reliability.

Event support and planning We prioritize, guide and support your presence at industry conferences. We arrange meetings with media, analysts and other influencers. We can also suggest, conceive and organize your events, emphasizing gaining media/analyst participation.

Investor and venture capital relations Many VC eyes have seen the way companies increase momentum when they become Noble Consulting clients, so they warmly welcome our introductions. For publicly held clients, we work closely with your CFO to ensure successful analyst calls and communicate superbly with business media and financial organizations.

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Customer Testimonials

“I had an excellent experience with Noble Consulting. I had one-on-one accessibility to the staff and was able to make changes as needed...”

Joshua Landes, MD, General Surgery

“Newark Airport Plaza was the first project that we used Noble Consulting for, and to say the least, I was very impressed with the professionalism and prompt follow up...”

George Abi Zeid, President, GAZ Realty

“My time working with Noble Consulting been fun, productive and inspirational. There is nobody out there that works harder to please their customers...”

Mike Salvietti, Mike Salvietti Fitness

“They were instrumental in helping solve our website dilemmas. The most dedicated consulting firm I've ever done business with...”

Greg Shapiro, The Cityline Group

“Working with Noble Consulting was refreshing. They took the time to learn about my industry and customers...”

Dan Williams, President, ShopMotorBikeHelmets

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Noble Consulting. Their creativity, attention to detail and professionalism is unmatched...”

Valerie Shivers, Valerie Shivers Law, PC

“Noble Consulting was so easy to work with. All my requests were answered immediately, communication was great. The website was up and running quickly...”

Renee Stoecker, Pyramid Title Agency

“The team created a structured environment whereby our creative ideas were effectively translated into a new corporate website...”

Stefano Pascucci, Airport Plazas, LLC

“Great experience with Noble Consulting! They were quick and thorough and got us exactly what we asked for. I would recommend them to anyone...”

Nicole Willis, Jameeze, LLC

“Noble Consulting has always been very responsive to our requests and goes above and beyond on all tasks...”

Randy Longo,

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