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Our Process

The Noble Consulting Process The success of any project is dependent on the methodology we follow when designing a new website or application. Any project, from the smallest banner campaign to the largest site redesign, is approached according to our established phases of production that allow us to break down any project into manageable pieces.

This methodology has evolved out of an understanding that Internet Solutions must be delivered fast and with maximum flexibility for the future. Therefore, technology requirements need to be engineered on a real-time basis as business models are changing in conjunction with the development of newer technologies. Noble Consulting's typical development process is divided into six distinct processes.

Discovery The goal of the discovery phase is to reach high-level agreement on the project scope, priorities and timeline. Much of this phase is spent gathering requirements and building a shared vision between the Client team and Noble Consulting.

Planning Any project that Noble Consulting obtains must first go through a process of reaching consensus on a detailed project scope, schedule, cost estimate and deliverables. The planning phase is a mixture of requirements, documentation and conceptual design work. In this step, clients must first sign off on the Project Planning Document before proceeding to the design of the job.

Design The goal of the design phase is to explore creative options for building the application that is envisioned. To ensure that the Client and Noble Consulting are aligned in the concept of the project, reference, samples and ideas are shared. The design phase culminates in a client-approved prototype application. The Client signs off on the Prototype site before moving forward.

Production The goal of the production phase is to build the solution described in the Project Planning Document. The production phase is a technology implementation phase. It begins with programming, scripting and database construction, and ends with a tested project, complete with content. The beta site is signed off before proceeding. Both sides of the team employ their own beta testing schedules.

Deployment In the deployment phase, the site is migrated onto a live server, or in the case of applications we hand over deliverables to the client. The deployment phase also includes Training where appropriate.

Support We feel that the longer the useful life of the project after initial deployment, the more the Client will appreciate a development company that offers follow-up on services. While most companies don't warranty their work, Noble Consulting provides a warranty for up to 30 days after the launch of the site or delivery of the application. We also provide site care, promotion and website analytics.

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Customer Testimonials

“I had an excellent experience with Noble Consulting. I had one-on-one accessibility to the staff and was able to make changes as needed...”

Joshua Landes, MD, General Surgery

“Newark Airport Plaza was the first project that we used Noble Consulting for, and to say the least, I was very impressed with the professionalism and prompt follow up...”

George Abi Zeid, President, GAZ Realty

“My time working with Noble Consulting been fun, productive and inspirational. There is nobody out there that works harder to please their customers...”

Mike Salvietti, Mike Salvietti Fitness

“They were instrumental in helping solve our website dilemmas. The most dedicated consulting firm I've ever done business with...”

Greg Shapiro, The Cityline Group

“Working with Noble Consulting was refreshing. They took the time to learn about my industry and customers...”

Dan Williams, President, ShopMotorBikeHelmets

“I have had a wonderful experience working with Noble Consulting. Their creativity, attention to detail and professionalism is unmatched...”

Valerie Shivers, Valerie Shivers Law, PC

“Noble Consulting was so easy to work with. All my requests were answered immediately, communication was great. The website was up and running quickly...”

Renee Stoecker, Pyramid Title Agency

“The team created a structured environment whereby our creative ideas were effectively translated into a new corporate website...”

Stefano Pascucci, Airport Plazas, LLC

“Great experience with Noble Consulting! They were quick and thorough and got us exactly what we asked for. I would recommend them to anyone...”

Nicole Willis, Jameeze, LLC

“Noble Consulting has always been very responsive to our requests and goes above and beyond on all tasks...”

Randy Longo,

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