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Managing Data to Manage Your Business Better

The web development team at Noble Consulting is especially proud of its expertise in providing robust database solutions that integrate seamlessly with your website. And beyond the high-performance and ease-of-use you can expect, we make sure our database solutions integrate with your IT systems and protect your data with solid security.

All Noble Consulting Web Software Solutions have custom authored developed databases associated to the application, we work with:

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • MS Access

Noble Consulting's Database Design consulting methodology includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks:

Define the requirements Quality database design and database application software development is predicated on an accurate definition of the business process requirements. Our database consultants understand business processes and will extract and document the details necessary to formulate a concise database design or software requirements document. This document will become the blueprint for your project and will also serve as a design artifact once your project is completed. It doesn't matter if you are building a smart client desktop application, or the latest database driven web site, a clear requirements document is the first step in successful software development life cycle methodology for any qualified database consulting professional.

Develop the use cases The project requirements document is intended to define the actual deliverables of the project but it does not contain enough detailed information to be used as a development guideline. To accomplish this goal, the business processes need to be broken down into individual tasks and the requirements and attributes of these tasks need to be defined. This is commonly done through a process called use cases. These use case requirements are gathered through individual or group sessions and are documented using software development tools such as UML (Unified Modeling Language) to become part of the overall system design. User interface designs including sample screens, etc. can also be part of this process.

Design the database Once the requirements are known and the use cases defined, the database design consultant can begin the actual process of building the database model. This process often involves a database architect assembling all of the required data elements and then defining database tables based upon database normalization rules. Additional design elements include the analysis of appropriate key structures and identification of stored procedures and triggers required for optimal database performance and reliability.

Build test requirements One might think that test plan definition mightcome after the creation of a development plan but in reality it should come first. Using the information defined in the requirements, use case, and database design processes, the database consultant can build a test plan of required activities. In addition to the obvious final testing, these activities will include component and unit test criteria necessary to identify dependencies required in the development plan.

Create the development plan - Now we know what the project requirements are, how the users interact with the identified requirements, what the necessary database looks like, and how the resulting product will be tested. Time to create the development plan which contains information on the technologies and development standards to be used, the components to be developed, the development steps to be executed, and the required sequence of the development events.

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“I had an excellent experience with Noble Consulting. I had one-on-one accessibility to the staff and was able to make changes as needed...”

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